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Mechanical Engineering -- Engineering Mechanics
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Research Thrusts
Engineering Education Innovation
As the world continues to change with globalization and technological advances so must engineering education programs. The Engineering Education Innovation research group seeks to...
Advanced Power System
In the face of an impending energy crisis, the Advanced Power Systems research center is exploring alternative energy sources that will help mitigate the economic ramification of i...
Space Systems
The Space Systems Research group is creating innovative electric propulsion systems to make space travel more feasible, efficient and economical. These systems have a higher poten...
Mechanics of Multi-scale Materials
The Mechanics of Multi-scale Materials research group uncovers the relationships of structures across the full range of engineering scales, from the molecular to the macro. In add...
Multidisciplinary Engineered Dynamic Systems
The Multidisciplinary Engineered Dynamic Systems research is collaborative research at the interface of engineering disciplines such as dynamics, vibration, acoustics, signal proce...
Multi-scale Sensors and Systems
The Multi-scale Sensors and Systems Research Group specializes in the design, fabrication, integration, and testing of physically and functionally compatible devices and components...
Agile Interconnected Microgrids (AIM)
Agile Interconnected Microgrids (AIM) is a multidisciplinary research center with a broad research goal of solving future, long-term technical challenges of our Nation's energy o...
Sustainable Manufacturing and Design
Sustainable Manufacturing and Design research efforts are focused on sustainability issues related to design and manufacturing, and their activities may be classified into the foll...



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